Algo Trading

1. What is Algo Trading?

Also called as black-box trading, algorithmic trading follows a specified set of instructions from a computer program for trading. It generates profits so frequently and rapidly that a human trader cannot perform. The rules are defined as per the quantity, timing, price, or mathematical model. Algorithmic trading brings liquidity to the markets and generates profitability for the trader, and it adds a systematic approach to trading without human emotions.

Simply speaking, algorithmic trading completely removes manual intervention. It will conduct point-to-point automation after coding the rules of logic in the algorithm. It tracks the market, places the order when it finds any opportunity, and monitors risk and stop loss. It also squares off the trade when needed. Algorithms can help trade on F&O, equity, FOREX, cryptocurrencies like BITFINEX and BITMEX, and commodities in Indian exchanges like BSE, NSE, NCDEX, MCX etc.

2. How Algo Trading Works?
3. How is algo trading better than manual trading?
4. What are the pros and cons of Algo Trading?
5. Is Free API Key available?
6. Does algo trading need constant monitoring over laptop or PC?
7. What are the system requirements?
8. What about the signal accuracy?
9. Is Algo Trading legal in India?
10. Do you guarantee profits with it?

DEMAT Account

1. Can I open multiple DEMAT accounts?
2. Can I open a DEMAT account for securities in multiple ownership patterns?
3. Do I need to furnish my account details while opening the DEMAT account?
4. Can I assign a power of attorney to someone else to operate my account?
5. Can I change my account details?
6. Who is eligible for the nomination facility?
7. Is it possible to have multiple nominees?
8. Are minors eligible to nominate?
9. Does an NRI have a right to nominate?
10. Is it possible to freeze a depository account?