De-Matade Trading Solutions is the one-stop online destination for financial services and unique trading software that has set a benchmark in technical and elemental analysis. We offer a unique Buy/Sell trading system for dealing in F&NO, Equity, Bank/NIFTY, MCX Crude, Option Call Trading, and other commodities. De-Matade is a semi-automated and fully automated trading program with up to 80% accuracy. We are specialized in paper trading, semi auto-trading, and fully auto-trading.

What do we do?

At De-Matade Trading Solutions, we specialize in helping investors choose the best performing and profitable trading options. Instead of telling you how to trade (which you already know), our trading software will help you determine the fundamental and technical aspects of a stock to determine if you should invest in it.

Check price movements through a bar chart

You can see several price bars through bar charts over time. You can check the price movements in each bar over the given period. Usually, each bar shows the low, high, open, and close trends for the given time. It is beneficial for technical analysis. You can use different types of charts like line charts or candlesticks to track the assets’ performance to make smart decisions.

Check Buy/Sell Signals in the bar chart

See the high, low, open, and close prices in the bar chart for each given period. Investors and traders can use a lot of details on the bar chart. There was a considerable price difference between the low and high in long vertical bars. For example, there is small volatility when there are small vertical bars.

Automatic Trading

Let the AI handle the buy and sell entries with the best Exits at the Tops and Bottoms in the market. You can quickly close the profitable trade with this approach. It can smartly judge the right exits and entries with more accuracy.

Our Mission

Algo trading is both an exciting and tricky part of trading and finance management. It requires a different skill-set, including designing and development as well as quantitative research. This way, we are aimed to make algo trading more accessible and straightforward for Indian traders and investors.

Our vision

  • To make investors and traders aware of the benefits of smart trading
  • To develop solutions that people want
  • To expand further while providing innovative trading solutions